Below is an ever growing list of recommended websites to visit – some provide useful information and advice on finding solutions that meet your everyday needs, others allow items to be purchased directly from the website.

New websites and apps are developed every day and the list below is a collection of sites recommended and used by local authorities, independent living centres and individual members of the public, carers and those looking for handy gadgets and solutions on behalf of someone else (the websites below are listed from experience and AT Home has no affiliation with any of the retail websites or suppliers).

Some of the websites below offer a wider range of products than others and prices vary, so do shop around.

Before purchasing any items bear in mind you may be eligible for an assessment or a carer assessment from your Local Authority Telecare Service.

Fire Service – Home Fire Safety Checks

Free Home Fire Safety Checks:

Living Made Easy

Clear, practical advice on daily living equipment:


Guided advice about daily living:

AT Dementia

AT Dementia provides information on assistive technology that can help people with dementia live more independently:

Independent for Longer

Real life examples of assistive technology supporting people:

HFT Virtual Smart House

This Virtual Smart House shows some of the technologies that a person with a learning disability may use around their home to improve their independence and increase their safety:

enabled by design

People passionate about design for all:

Canary Care

A monitoring system to support people to live at home for longer:


Helping you to help them:

Spring Chicken

Find information and advice, handy tips, downloadable exercise routines and purchase gadgets to make life easier:


Fallcheck app

Fallcheck ( is based on information from occupational therapists and falls experts in the United Kingdom.

The app provides a comprehensive guide to alert you to potential fall hazards that might be present in your own or a relative’s home. Information on how to remove or reduce the risk to help prevent falls is provided by the app.

The app works on all mobile platforms, and via the web – all you need is an internet enabled device (e.g. computer, smartphone or tablet).

If you have any questions about the app, please contact Dr. Gillian Ward at or Nikki Holliday at

telmenow website

Telmenow® enables you to view and purchase products and services in a quick and easy way. In addition to this, the website provides a source of information through the inclusion of: expert reviews, latest news articles and blog posts, all with a clear focus on assistive technologies and the needs of the consumer.

There is a 10% discount code – ATHOME10 – which can be added at checkout on the store within the website.



Manage At Home

Manage At Home ( is the online retail website brand of Medequip Assistive Technology, specialising in home care products such as mobility aids and disability equipment, with over 3,000 products designed to promote independence at home and manage daily living more easily.
The Self Help Guide finds the most suitable product solutions from the range relating to problems that you may be having around the home. Simply select an area of the home and then select a problem and the Self Help Guide will provide you with potential solutions.
If you would prefer a printed copy please contact for free on 0800 910 1864 and a catalogue will be posted out to you free of charge.


TechSilver ( combines friendly, expert service with gadgets that makes life easier, safer and happier. Their easy to use web-store has a range that varies from simple smartphones to GPS trackers for Dementia.

They also provide articles and advice on everything from staying safe online to video calling loved ones.

Joy of Android – helpful apps

Joy of Android have created a guide to five helpful mobile apps to help the elderly and relatives with technology, knowing especially that modern mobile devices and accessing apps can be a confusing exercise –  


Nottinghamshire County Council – simple equipment to help you

Nottinghamshire County Council have produced a range of video clips highlighting simple equipment to help manage everyday tasks around the home –

Helpful videos with subtitles, irrespective of wherever you may live